Sixth Form Daily Routine

The rules which follow set out the code of conduct students are expected to follow during school activities. They should be regarded as a framework for the smooth running of the School and the prevention of major difficulties to pupils, and the promotion of a caring society in which there is a place for all and in which all are valued for their contribution, in whatever form that might be.

The School Council and the staff have agreed the following:

Students Should

  • Arrive punctually at lessons, properly dressed, fully equipped and prepared to learn
  • Follow directions first time, especially those relating to safety
  • Listen with respect to the teacher, and to other students when appropriate
  • Respect the property of other pupils, of staff and of the School
  • Allow students to learn, teachers to teach
  • Take personal responsibility for learning

Students Must

  • Wear the approved school uniform, including house badge, as well as when travelling to and from school.
  • Only leave the premises with permission
  • Treat with care all school property, furniture and effects
  • Report any accidents, emergencies or breakages, at once, to a member of staff
  • Cross Exeter Street with great care and by using the Pelican crossing
  • Use the underpass at the Harnham roundabout when travelling to and from the field
  • Obey any special rules that apply e.g. in laboratories, workshops and the Dining Hall
  • Follow the Ground Rules for Classroom Management and the Use of Rooms
  • Accept the authority of all members of staff
  • Accept the authority of prefects

Students Must Not

  • Bring to school or use or promote in school any solvent-based or tobacco products, alcohol, drugs (unless prescribed) or other banned substances
  • Leave money, watches, calculators unattended at any time
  • Loiter in the changing rooms
  • Play gambling games
  • Go into the following areas unless instructed to do so by a teacher:- laboratories, workshops, biology garden and kitchen
  • Retrieve lost balls by climbing boundary walls or roofs of buildings
  • Eat or drink in laboratories or resources area
  • Ride bicycles, motor cycles or drive cars onto the site without permission

Students Are Expected To

  • Conduct themselves politely at all times, both in and out of school
  • Treat others with respect and tolerance
  • Protect the good name of the School by not creating or publishing any offensive material, either in digital (computer) or paper format
  • Represent the School in the evenings and at weekends whenever required, given reasonable notice
  • Submit work that is their own and not copied – unless copying up has been authorised by a teacher

Daily Routine

On Tuesdays Sixth Form assembly will take place at 08:40 in the Sports Hall

On Wednesdays Whole School assembly will take place at 12:55 in the Sports Hall

08:40 Bell (Biometric registration to take place by 08:55)

09:05 Period 1

09:45 Period 2

10:20 Morning Break

10:40 Period 3

11:15 Period 4

11:55 Lunch Break

13:00 Period 5 (Wednesday P5 starts at 13:10)

13:40 Period 6 (Wednesday P6 starts at 13:45)

14:20 Afternoon Break

14:35 Period 7

15:10 Period 8

15:50 School Ends

All students must leave the site by 16:00 unless they are under staff supervision.