Personal, Social and Health Education (aka Relationship & Sex Education)

PSHE is taught by Mr C Higson -

In Years 7-11 “Personal, Social and Health Education”(RSE) is delivered in annual “blocks” of 5-6 lessons during timetabled “Tutorial” or PE/ “Carousel” teaching periods. The aim is to provide reliable information, and a “tool kit” of helpful tips, to enable boys to make decisions and choices appropriate to their own lives. These lessons are supplemented by assemblies (eg Bullying; Consent; LGBT issues; Knife Crime), and presentations by guest speakers (eg Mental Health).

There is no formal timetabled teaching of PSHE for Years 12 & 13, although Mr Higson does deliver occasional assemblies on specific topics, and guest speakers deliver lectures and workshops on such matters as “well-being”, road safety, and drug and alcohol misuse.

As “Confidential Mentor”, Mr Higson is available to Sixth Formers to provide a “listening ear” and personal support for any issues which may be troubling them. Most students who use this service do so of their own accord via direct request. Apart from the extremely rare occasions when Safeguarding concerns arise, such sessions are totally confidential. Mr Higson does inform The Deputy Head, Mr G Lloyd, of when and where he is seeing a student 1:1, but the reasons for the meeting and its content are not disclosed; nor are any details recorded on the individual student’s school record – except, of course, when there are Safeguarding concerns or related issues (eg radicalisation, money laundering, enabling/ promoting drug use) where there’s a legal duty to share information.

Year 7 - Language
Year 8 - Sex Education
Year 9 - Health
Year 10 - Psychological Wellness
Year 11 - Healthy Lifestyle
Year 7-11 PSHE and RSE Schemes of Work