What is the School's Admissions Policy?

Please see here.

What is the school policy regarding Special Educational Needs and Disability?

Details of this Schools SEN policy can be found by clicking here.

My son is entitled to Free School Meals.  How does this affect an application?

Boys on low incomes are entitled to priority when places are allocated.  Parents must indicate that their son qualifies for Free School Meals on the 11+ Registration Form and provide documentary evidence.

My son qualifies for the Service Premium. Does this affect an application?

Boys whose parent is or has been a member of the Regular Armed Forces are entitled to priority when places are allocated.  Parents must indicate on the 11+ Registration form that their son qualifies for the Service Premium in their school or that their son has been a Service Child in any of the previous three years prior to the date of the test or that their son is in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defence.  Documentary evidence will be required.

I think my son qualifies for special concessions when he takes the test – what should I do next?

Download a Special Access Arrangements form (see Special Access Application page) and return it completed at least 10 school days before the exam with documentary evidence.

What practice should I give my son for the 11+ test?

The 11+ papers are prepared by CEM.   They are designed to be tests for which no additional preparation is necessary.

There are no practice papers available for the CEM tests but CEM publish a series of familiarisation booklets which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

How are the 11+ tests marked?

CEM designs the mark scheme. All marks are 'standardised' according to the age in years and months of the applicant to produce a final score.

Once Main Round Exam results are issued, how will I know if I should put this School as a preference on my Local Authority Secondary/ Common Application Form? 

This year the 11+ is late because of Covid 19 and therefore 11+ results will be issued after the Local Authority form must be completed.  If this School is not put as first preference then you may not be offered a place by the Local Authority even if the 11+ exam is passed. 

If my son passes the 11+ will he be offered a place

Your results letter from the School will inform you if your son has passed the test but this letter does not constitute an offer of a place.  Offers depend not only on passing the test but also on the overall number of boys who passed and the preferences that parents have expressed on the Secondary (sometimes called ’Common’) Application Form issued by the Local Authority.  If the school is, as usual, oversubscribed, boys who have passed the test will not be offered places but will be put on the waiting list.  See Annex E to the Admissions Policy here.

I live outside the designated area – is my son likely to get in?

Boys from outside Designated Areas (see that website page) who have passed the entrance test may be offered a place but, the further away they live from the School, the less priority they will have for a place.  Distance to the School does NOT apply to entry for the Sixth Form.

If my son is unsuccessful in the 11+ exam, what should I do if I still want him to be considered for a place?

You should still put this School down as a preference on the Local Authority Form because, although your son is not eligible to be offered a place on 1st March 2021, then you will be entitled to lodge a parental appeal which will take place in May 2021.  The appeal will be heard by a panel of members who are totally independent of the School.  See the website page: ‘appeals’.

If my son is not offered a place is it possible to appeal?

Yes, there are two types of appeal: resources and selective.  A parent may appeal to the Independent Appeals Panel

  1. Against the decision not to allocate a place on grounds of resources (ie the school is already full).
  2. Against the decision not to allocate a place on grounds of selection (ie the boy did not pass the 11+).

See the website page: ‘Appeals’.  Details on making an appeal are sent to parents whose son is not offered a place.

Does the School offer any Bursaries or other Financial Assistance?

For parents who are concerned about costs of daily travel, school meals, uniform and educational trips, there are some specific charitable funds available. This includes early help such as attending open days from primary school through to trips in support of A level studies. Please see our Financial Assistance page for further information.

11+ Familiarisation Booklets:

11+ Familiarisation Booklet
Maths Familiarisation
Comprehension Familiarisation
Word Choice Familiarisation
Non-Verbal Reasoning Familiarisation