2,000 followers and counting…

@BWordsworth’s just gained its 2,000th follower. I thought that there might be a congratulatory, centrally generated tweet to mark such an e-milestone, but evidently the Silicon Valley Brigade are not quite as sad as I am, so there you go.


We get lessons in our own insignificance every single day as we confront the monolithic, all-consuming scale of the digital domain. Even so, there is a certain amount of pleasure in seeing the counter tick over, and I really do hope that the information flowing out into cyber space from BWS informs, educates and occasionally entertains as it surely should. If it does that then it is all worthwhile, and after all one of the main attractions of digital media is that the pictures, videos and news flashes help everyone from across the BWS community and diaspora to keep up to date with what is going on.

At senior school there is always going to be a gap between those immersed in the daily circus and those outside. Twitter, along with the website, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook bring colour and understanding to the educational sphere which we inhabit, and (particularly in Bishop’s case) make the walls of The Close just a little more transparent than they would otherwise be.

If you have not signed up then please do, and link or follow!